Facebook on Oculus: ‘A long term bet on the future of computing.’

Tonight’s conference discussing the acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook began at 10:15pm GMT, introducing Mark Zuckerberg and representatives from Oculus VR, including co-founder Brendan Iribe, also. The conference began with Zuckerberg explaining Facebook’s position: a forward looking company that hopes to push beyond today’s mobile space.


Zuckerberg was keen to emphasis that the acquisition of Oculus VR was ‘a long term bet on the future of computing’. While insisting that the launch plans for the Oculus Rift wouldn’t change – citing the 75,000 headsets sold so far (this number including the pre-orders of the recently revealed DK2 unit) as a mark of the potential success of the platform – Zuckerberg suggested that Oculus VR would now push beyond gaming. The platform is able to ‘immerse you into a different world’ stated Zuckerberg, but also has much more to offer outside of videogame entertainment.

‘Imagine looking someone miles away in the eyes’ suggested Zuckerberg during the conference. Brendan Iribe offered; “We’re teaming up with Facebook,” continuing, “the two companies share a vision…”

“We’re looking forward to building the future of Facebook.” Closes Iribe. More details on the partnership will be forthcoming soon and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest.