Ether One Dev Would Develop for PS4 VR Headset if Price is Right

White Paper Games, the developer behind the upcoming Ether One, has said that it would like to bring its first-person adventure to the rumoured PlayStation 4 virtual reality (VR) headset if the price is right. Speaking to VRFocus, co-founder Peter Bottomley explained that, while the team doesn’t know anything about the unannounced hardware, they would see ‘no reason not to’ develop for it should it be cost-effective.


“I’ve honestly done very little research on console VR and wouldn’t even like to speculate what may be going on behind the scenes,” Bottomley explained. “But obviously if the technology was available, and it was affordable for us to do, then I would see no reason not to.”

Rumours of a PlayStation 4 VR headset first came about a few weeks ago. It was suggested that such a headset would be revealed at the upcoming Game Developers Conference which runs from 17th – 21st March 2014. VRFocus reported that the device could be revealed at a Sony presentation on 19th March.

“But I can imagine such things having quite a large cost attached to them, which would probably put it out of our scope financially,” Bottomley concluded.

The PC version of Ether One is compatible with the Oculus Rift VR headset. The current developer kit for the hardware costs $300 USD, making it affordable for independent developers like White Paper Games. Could Sony match this sort of price to help developers bring their titles to PlayStation 4?

Ether One is due out on 25th MarchVRFocus will have a full Q&A with Bottomley on the title, VR development and more later in the week.