Agharta Studio on Console VR: ‘We are definitely in!’

There’s a lot of noise surrounding virtual reality (VR) these days, especially concerning the impending reveal of the first modern experience on consoles. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) are rumoured to be first out of the gate in this respect, and many developers have already expressed an interest in working with VR on the PlayStation 4. One such studio, in a discussion with VRFocus, is the widely respected Agharta Studio.

The debut of EpicDragon VR, a tech demo signalling Agharta Studio’s intentions to work on VR projects, was met with significant acclaim. This lead the studio to bring a VR component to the popular Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe as a free update. But beyond that, Agharta Studio has many plans for future VR releases.


“Unless one of the big console brands offers a superior device supporting only its own standard, it is likely that VR software will be compatible with several headsets.” States a representative of Agharta Studio when questioned about the possibilities of rival brands competing with the Oculus Rift. “These will have roughly the same specifications, until a new generation of VR devices gets released.”

Further questioning about the potential of a console headset leads the studio to admit that it is very much interested in the idea, though unable to confirm whether or not they already have plans in motion for console VR.

“We love playing games on consoles, way more plug and play than a PC.” Offers Agharta Studio’s spokesperson. “Did you mention PS4…? We are definitely in!”

VRFocus has the pleasure of working with Agharta Studio on an extended Q&A, which will be available verbatim later this week. In the meantime you can check out Agharta Studio’s EpicDragon VR and Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe here.