ZeldaVR made available through VirtualReality.io

VirtualReality.io, a software portal that allows users to download and launch virtual reality (VR) apps from within a VR interface, has announced the launch of the Beta version of Zelda VR exclusively on its service. This early version of the port, which brings the original The Legend of Zelda from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Oculus Rift VR headset, allows access to the entire overworld and first dungeon area.

ZeldaVR_1The traditional birds-eye view camera found in the original title has been replaced with a first-person perspective. Players will see things as Link, the series’ iconic protagonist, sees them. Enemies still appear in 2D, although static objects in the environment now appear as 3D blocks. The project is the work of Randy Bennett, under the name Ubiquitron, who has set up a Facebook page to chart the title’s development.

The full version of ZeldaVR is aiming for a March 2014 release. That will include the entire classic quest to find the Triforce. Bennett hasn’t said if there are any plans to port other The Legend of Zelda titles after this. It will be put up on VirtualReality.io for free. VRFocus will bring a full report of the full version when it’s live.