Stompz: Motion-Control Movement Built for Oculus Rift

The future of virtual reality (VR) has never looked more exciting for videogames, but while there’s so much more opportunity than ever before there are also many hurdles to overcome. One such potential hazard is movement: when your view is so close a replication of a near-tangible world, do you really want your feet to be dictated by your fingers or thumb?

Treadmills are one option, but will be as equally expensive as they are difficult to store. Likewise, body suits may offer impressive 1:1 detection but their cost will be prohibitive for many. Matthew Carrell has the answer: Stompz. A light-weight motion-control device that you simply strap to your legs, Stompz is a low cost, effective remedy for a modern problem. VRFocus recently spoke with Carrell about this project, which can be seen in the video below, and will keep you updated as Stompz marches towards becoming a marketable product.