[UPDATED] Developer Secures Funding for Project Ocarina Zelda Experience

DarkAkuma, the developer behind the Kokiri Forest virtual reality (VR) demo based on the setting from The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, has secured funding to develop more of the title’s environments in VR. The project is codenamed Project Ocarina and will allow users to walk through classic locations from the 1998 adventure while wearing an Oculus Rift VR headset.

ProjectOcarina_1The developer initially only planned to release the Kokiri Forest demo, which lets users tour the original games starting location. However, as noted on his blog, donations have allowed him to press on and start developing new areas. For now, the Temple of Time has been confirmed as one of the new locations. In the original title, this is an iconic setting in which protagonist Link retrieves the Master Sword.

“I chose this one myself,” DarkAkuma wrote. “For one it is a cool nostalgic place. But also because I wanted to test some things and it sounded easier than most places to re-create. It was in the ways I thought, but it brought some new challenges I didn’t think of! At this time it isn’t finished, but I made a lot of progress on it by casually working on it here and there. I should be able to [sic] finalize it and move onto somewhere else before the next demo I release. Maybe another place too…”

It’s also his hope to create an avatar body for the user. At this point in time, the Kokiri Forest demo simply adjusts the camera height to fit that of the child Link players control in the original. DarkAkuma stressed that he won’t be recreating the entire game in VR. Some areas apparently wouldn’t translate as easily.

DarkAkuma didn’t give a date on when he would release Project Ocarina. For now, the Kokiri Forest demo is free to download. VRFocus will continue to track the project and bring you all the latest on its development.

[UPDATE]: DarkAkuma, the creator of the Kokiri Forest virtual reality (VR) demo, has contacted VRFocus to clarify that the donations received for the project were Unity Pro trial keys and not money. He is not looking for monetary funding for the project.